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Breakfast / Colazione

Breakfast Menu at Stazione

  • £10.95

    Capo Breakfast

    Sauteed tiger prawns with mixed peppers, spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and egg, served with toast.

  • £2.20

    Hot Croissant

    Hot croissant with Butter & Jam.

  • £2.50

    Hot Danish Pastries (V)

    A variety of delicious options, price for single pastry.

  • £7.95

    Vegetarian Breakfast (V)

    Egg on toast, grilled mixed vegetables, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & feta cheese.

  • £8.95

    Italian Breakfast

    Scrambled egg on toast, salami, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes & olives

  • £8.95

    Stazione Breakfast

    Egg, 2 Slices of bacon, 2 Cumberland sausages, mushrooms & grilled tomato.

    Add beans/black pudding/has browns for £1.50 each


With freshly made Pizza dough

  • £11.95

    Prosciutto e funghi

    Tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham & mushrooms

  • £11.70

    Pizza Primavera (V)

    Tomato, mozzarella, aubergines, courgettes & red onions topped with goats cheese.

  • £11.95

    Pizza Diavola

    Tomatoe buffalo mozzarella, spicy Calabrian sausage, onions & chilli

  • £12.95

    Calzone Pollo

    Folded pizza with chicken, garlic sausage, spinach & cheese topped with tomato sauce

  • £8.50

    Pizza Margherita (V)

    Tomato, buffalo mozzarella and oregano

  • £11.95

    Pizza Pollo e Romarino

    Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, chicken, mushrooms and rosemary

  • £11.95


    Bolognese, fresh peppers chilli & mozzarella.

Salads / Insalate

They taste as good as they look

  • £12.95

    Goat Cheese Salad (V)

    Warm goats cheese served on a bed of mixed leaves with beetroot, apple, honey and Italian dressing.

  • £11.95

    Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese & Basil

    Tomato, buffalo mozzarella cheese, anchovies & capers.

  • £11.95

    Stazione Winter Warmer Special

    Roasted brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon, onions and chest nuts, served on a bed of rocket leaves (Add an egg for £1.50)

  • £11.95

    Sardine Salad

    Grilled fresh sardines served on a bed of mixed crisp salad leaves

  • £10.95

    Caesar Salad / con Pollo

    Anchovies, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing (Add chicken for £3.00)

Starters / Antipasti

To get you in the mood

  • £9.95

    Gamberroni alla Diavola

    Tiger prawns sautéed with garlic, peppers, fresh chilli & white wine in fresh tomato sauce.

  • £10.50

    Del Capo Antipasto

    Per person, min 2 people

    Our chef will prepare a large plate of antipasto representing the regional tastes of Italy, deep fried calamari, prawns, scampi & mixed slices of cured meat, served with tartar & sweet chilli sauce.

  • £6.95

    Soup – Pasta e Fagioli

    Italian style pasta and bean soup

  • £8.5


    Chicken liver pate, house chutney and olive oil toast

  • £9.95

    Melone di Stagione

    A cocktail of melon, prawns and crab meat with a bloody Mary dressing.

  • £9.50

    Chorizo e Calamari

    Chorizo sausage and squid stew with smoked paprika croutons

  • £7.95

    Funghi alla Crema con Spezie di Cajun

    Cajun spiced creamy button mushrooms

  • £7.95

    Mozzarella con Prosciutto

    Buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto and sun blushed tomatoes

Pasta & Risotto

All time Italian favourites

  • £11.50

    Rigatoni alla Norma (V)

    Aubergine, tomato, basil & garlic, topped with percorino cheese.

  • £15.95

    Spaghetti Shellfish

    With clams, mussels, prawns, garlic & tomato.

  • £13.95

    Penne Pollo e Funghi

    Penne pasta in a creamy sauce with chicken mushrooms & parsley

  • £11.95

    Spaghetti Bolognese

    Original Bologna recipe with slow cooked beef ragu

  • £12.95

    Ravioli with Cavolo Nero, Ricotta & Lemon

    Fresh ravioli filled with cavolo nero, ricotta and lemon

  • £14.50

    Ravili with Turkey, Pancetta & Chestnuts

    Fresh ravioli filled with roasted turkey with cardamom and juniper berries, combined with chestnuts and pancetta

  • £16.95

    Ravioli with Duck & Orange

    Fresh Ravioli filled with succulent confit duck, marinated and cooked with orange juice and cinnamon

  • £15.95


    With crispy bacon, peas and a cream sauce

  • £13.50

    Lasagne Bolognese

    Fresh layers of pasta with slow cooked Bolognese sauce baked with béchamel, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

  • £10.95

    Gnocchi alla Sorrentina Ⓥ

    Fresh gnocchi with a rich Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & basil.


  • £10.95

    Spaghetti Carbonara

    Classic Roman dish with cream, bacon, egg and white wine sauce

Meat / Carne

Selection of meat based dishes

  • £18.95

    Fegato alla Veneziana

    Thinly sliced strips of calves liver in white wine & onion sauce served with grilled polenta.

  • £20.50

    Sirloin 9oz Aged 28 Days

    Served with garlic butter or béarnaise sauce, chips & salad

  • £25.95

    9oz Fillet Aged 28 Days

    Served with garlic butter or béarnaise sauce, chips & salad

  • £15.95

    Pollo Involtini

    Oven baked chicken breast rolled and stuffed with bacon, spinach and cheese, cream of white wine sauce, served with sautéed potato or vegetables

  • £17.95

    Agnello di Casa

    Lamb casserole cooked in Barolo and rosemary sauce served with saffron rice

  • £18.95

    Rabbit Stew in Red Wine

    Served with mashed potatoes or vegetables of the day

Fish / Pesce

All our fish are fresh, delivered daily

  • £17.95

    Branzino alla griglia

    Fillet of seabass served with saffron rice and vegetables

  • £16.50


    Lightly grilled wild salmon with peas puree and made chips

  • £17.95


    Grilled fresh swordfish slices with lemon and herbs, served with homemade chips